Jesmonite Product Care

jesmonite product care


Jesmonite is a sustainable, eco friendly, low VOC, solvent free, heat proof material.

Whilst Jesmonite is a strong material, do avoid dropping your items on hard surfaces. This will break or weaken the item.

All Jesmonite products are water-based, non-solvent and contain no VOC's.



We do not recommend the use of cleaning products on your Jesmonite items, this can cause discolouration. A damp cloth or light dusting with a microfiber cloth will remove/ clean your items.

Avoid using dishwasher.

Avoid getting your Jesmonite item(s) wet, whilst our products do have a light protective seal, the items could become weaker over time if placed/used in a wet environment.

All our Jesmonite products are sealed to avoid sun and water damage so they can be used outdoors. We recommend to keep them indoors as much as possible.