The Classic Candle Set
The Classic Candle Set
The Classic Candle Set
The Classic Candle Set
The Classic Candle Set
The Classic Candle Set
The Classic Candle Set

The Classic Candle Set

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This set includes all five of the original scents Missy Rabbit Candle Co. started with. You can also purchase individual tins in this set.


Tobacco & Bay Leaf

Tobacco Leaf + Bay Leaf + Sandalwood + Cedar + Musk

This tobacco and bay leaf scented candle has an inviting, masculine fragrance with refreshing citrus notes followed by exotic florals drying to a delicate background of sandalwood, cedar and warm musk.

Grapefruit Frankincense

Pink Grapefruit + Frankincense

Grapefruit is considered a natural stress reliever and fighter. Its tangy aroma supports an uplifted mood and reduces stress.

Frankincense is a fragrant gum resin extracted from trees of the genus Boswellia, native to Africa and the Southern Arabian Peninsula. It carries earthy scents, musty pine with notes of citrus and spice.  Mixed with Grapefruit, the two make a powerful confidence booster, great for mental health.

Rose Sandalwood

Rose Petal + Sandalwood + Musk 

Rose is the fragrance of soft and floral. It is subtle while yielding soothing and healing powers.

Sandalwood is a large shrub or tree native to India, Hawaii, and Australia. Its unique fragrance contains soft woody tones, earthy scents which make it quite exotic. Mixed with Rose, these promote a restful mind and a healthy sleep space.


Dewy Ozone + Rose Petal + Plumeria + Green

Jasmine is a climbing plant with flowers that give off a gorgeous aroma, providing emotional support and helps with stress management. In Arabic, Jasmine means “gift from God.”

Lavender & Sugared Maple

Lavender + Sweet Maple + Vanilla Bean + Pine + Amber

Lavender is known for its soothing properties and its abilities to encourage a restful sleep. Mixed together with the soothing sweetness of Maple, these make a lovely pair to encourage rest and tranquility. Sweet dreams!

Approximately 50 hour burn for each candle.

All candles are hand poured, and made with love using 100% pure, natural aromatherapy essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance oils, cotton braided wick, all natural soy wax. Made in Canada.

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